A Poem At Dusk

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at seventeen
all I wanted to do was dream
and I did, till I fell asleep
when I woke
I feared to breathe, to blink
and then I slept once more
and in a dream I witnessed
a vague relevation
this, triggered a hunt
for what I knew not
a hunger did whirl
in my youthful soul

a week to nineteen
I met with reality
she sang me a song
of digital vitality.
one of wonder, one of strength
and I learnt to sculpt the shadows of the web
I learnt to give form, to thoughts
a blessed gift, indeed that is
for one who was at then
as truly lost as I was

fast forward… twenty-one
in a land of warmth, serene
I know now
even though the road, was in itself
nothing odd, the destination is yet still
so intense that all can do is tutor my mind
walk in awe and nod
as the path grows ever narrow
and I grow ever thirsty
for the precious drops of nectar
that wisdom offers her travellers

to dream should never seem
truly like anything, too foolish to pursue
too stressful to endure
if I have learnt nothing
I have learnt to trust
in the motions of universal winds
for all things
come to those who work
even more so, than those who walk
for in the path itself, is nothing but a way
in the light of night
may I still trek the same

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