My First Tech Event in Accra, Ghana

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Saturday, the second of November 2019 began like most days in Ghana - calm, humid and full of promise.

I had one thing on my mind throughout the night before. I was eager to experience the tech scene in Accra. I have been here for about two months and still had not gone to a single event.

The main theme of the day centred around building Modern Applications with JavaScript. The quest for knowledge stirred my technological soul softly, even as I floated through the streets of Accra towards the specified location.

Here is a short summary of the event as I observed it.

A talk on Structuring your apps with JavaScript

Andrew Miracle a fellow Entrepreneur-in-Training in the MEST Africa 2020 cohort, gave a delightful talk on JS.

He touched on the key differences between frameworks, tools and systems within the language stack ecosystem. Audience questions were handled exceptionally, and I picked up notes from his responses.

Transitioning From HTML to React

Audience 1

An experienced Frontend developer took a very beginner-friendly session on React. Explanations on transforming static websites to React.js web applications were given, and the UI library was largely demystified.

He was very hands-on in his approach to explaining how React works and even clarified some simple misconceptions along the way.

A member of the audience asked a vital question regarding the use of Google Cloud App Engine. I was asked to respond, and I explained how the fully managed nature of the solution enables scalability and enforces security.

A day well spent

It was a day of insights, accelerated learning and the stirring of thoughts. Africa has a lot to offer in terms of Sofware Engineering potential. I look forward to a Continent where innovation is rewarded even more than it is now, and education is inexpensive and accessible to all. One where personal development, as well as professional excellence, are championed by all.

Audience full room

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